Miles Franklin Longlist 2010

Yes, I’m still breathing although unfortunately work and study have sadly cut down my reading and blogging. Just saw the Miles Franklin longlist for 2010 has been announced and thought I’d share it.

I’m delighted to see two favourites, Sonya Hartnett and Peter Temple on the list (the former for her painfully accurate study of female adolescence Butterfly, the later for his bloody brilliant crime novel Truth) and  sorry to see Kalinda Ashton’s The Danger Game and Cate Kennedy’s The World Beneath omitted. Must get cracking on the other titles so I have a more informed opinion, in the meantime has anyone read any of the others and what did you think?

Updated 23.6.10: I’m happy to find that Peter Temple was announced as the winner last night! From the official release: 

Temple’s winning novel is the much anticipated sequel to The Broken Shore and comprehends murder, corruption, family, friends, honour, honesty, deceit, love, betrayal – and truth. A stunning story about contemporary Australian life, Truth is written with great moral sophistication.

7 thoughts on “Miles Franklin Longlist 2010

  1. I’m sorry life is getting in the way of your blogging. You were one of the lovely, very early friendly faces to welcome me to the blogosphere – and I’d love to see you around more often.

  2. Thans whisperinggums, I’m going to try and be less slack and post/comment more often. I still love reading many blogs, including yours.

  3. I’m really excited about this list too – and very happy that Hartnett is there. There are so many that I haven’t read though – where to start???

  4. Well I’m glad to see that you’re still blogging when time permits. I saw that Hartnett in the bookshop and was very tempted. I need another good Aussie read.

  5. Pete, Hartnett’s been one of the best new to me authors I’ve read in the last few years, certainly worth a try. Ted @ Bookeywookey has now reviewed a few of her books if you’re interested.

    Seachanges, thanks for stopping by. Unfortunately most people outside of Australia won’t have heard of Miles Franklin, the prize she set up or the books on this year’s list! Miles was a bit of a ratbag, her novels My Brilliant Career and My Career Goes bung are wonderful and I’m looking forward to reading her autobiography one of these days.

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